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Hey guys and gals! Just a minor update here. I know it's only been a few days, but I've done a few things that I thought I'd tell you about!

A few days ago I applied for Unihall, and yesterday I got accepted! Woot!
I got this really cool email over on my uni email regarding the thing, and I thought it looked cool.
Anyways, point is, so long as I can get a job in the next few months, I'll be moving out and be able to get into a position where I can regularly write my stories, which you who read them will be happy about.

Speaking of whom, hello! I uploaded a notice to BHG and Snow White last night, so you should be over here reading this if I'm not mistaken. Hope you readers join my watchers here on DVA!

Also, while watching one of RoninPawn's livestreams (Check him out on YouTube, he's pretty cool), he mentioned this program he uses for streaming: OBS or Open Broadcasting Software. This look lets you stream, record, and most importantly, let's you show multiple windows on the same screen. Thanks to that, I'll be able to show my face in the livestreams, as well as the Charity:Water page where the donation goal will be shown. All I need to do now on that front is find a good add-on that will auto-refresh Internet Explorer 11 (don't judge, I like IE) after 5-10 minutes. If anyone knows a good program that's free, please let me know.

One issue with the webcam is that, when I'm playing a CPU-heavy game like KSP, the webcam lags. This isn't any fault of the game, nor OBS. It's actually my computer, which is a Metabox Notebook Laptop (Metabox is Laptop company here in Australia). I've found that, while playing KSP or Planetbase on this machine, any audio that's playing (like videos I'm watching on my other monitor for example) get's really weird. It starts... popping I guess, becomes grainy and hard to listen to, sounds slower even though it isn't and it's just bad. And I know it's the computer's fault 'cause my previous Metabox laptop didn't have to same issues. So I'm probably gonna take the computer to Metabox to try and fix the problem before the first livestream, otherwise you'll have to watch my VERY laggy face.

On the other hand, if there's anyone who's ever had a similar problem and has fixed it, feel free to lend me a hand, thanks.

And one last thing: Back in August, HOCgaming (check HIM out to!) hosted his fourth annual charity livestream. In previous years he spent a week trying to drive a rover in KSP from the Kerbal Space Centre to the north pole (2013), SUCCEEDING in driving a rover from the KSC to the north pole (2014), and driving yet another rover from south pole to north pole on Duna (2015), and all to raise over $50,000 for Charity:Water! He is my inspiration for The Kerbal Kontract in fact! And this year, he drove a boat from pole-to-pole on Laythe to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support!

Actually, no he didn't. He SAID he was going to last year, and then instead he made this VR game with Danny2462 (Check HIM out), and flew a virtual airship from pole-to-pole of... somewhere. I didn't actually watch the livestream 'cause it wasn't KSP, but I DID donate $162 to the cause! And now I get this PM from, you guessed it, HOCgaming, saying my donation was among the top 10 donations, and offered me a dog tag! I mean, I don't like dogs, so it's not much use, but having something from HOCgaming will still be cool!

I haven't replied to him yet, but between you and me, I'm gonna see if I can get the GREAT HOCgaming to watch The Kerbal Kontract. Now THAT would be cool!

And that's it for now! Later today I'm gonna work on my resume with my mum, so next week begins my trek around Perth to find a job, so we're on to Stage 2 of my move-out plan, but apart from that, I got nothing else to share! My next update will most likely be the one saying I've got a job, and will be directing you to YouTube for my first vlog, and will hopefully be sometime in late October.

Until then, KUTAW, and Aerrow out!


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Hello! If you've found this page you've reached me by accident. But really, I wouldn't bother coming here.
Instead, check out my FanFiction.Net account through the link below, for a number of fanfics that may just set your minds going!


Week 3 - Western Beach by ToaAerrow
Week 3 - Western Beach
Here's the second chunk of the island!
Took me longer to make, mainly because I had uni work, and plus I was trying to find a job.
Speaking of jobs, still haven't found one, but I AM working on it. This island is just a weekend project.

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